My objective, as a cosmetic consultant, is to provide small companies with cost effective support for the safety evaluation of their cosmetic products (cosmetic product safety report).

Our collaboration is completely confidential.

Typical examples of fees for the cosmetic product safety report are :

Balm, cream, lotion, soap, shampoo… etc≤ 5 INCI (excluding allergens)  €150 (ex VAT) (€181.50 VAT incl)
Balm, cream, lotion, soap, shampoo… etc≥ 6 and ≤  30 INCI (excluding allergens) €250 (ex VAT) (€302.50 VAT incl)
4 soaps ≤ 5 INCI (excluding allergens)Basic recipe with different colors/ herbs/fragrances €420 (ex VAT) (€508.20 VAT incl)
4 massage oils ≤ 5 INCI (excluding allergens)Basic recipe with different essential oils €420 (ex VAT) (€508.20 VAT incl)

I can also provide you with support for the Product Information File (PIF) and CPNP submission, although I recommend you do this yourself since it is relatively simple and you will save money 🙂

To be able to give you a quote I need to see the following information for each product:

  1. the product name or product type
  2.  the recipe or the list of ingredients

If you are happy with the quote I have provided you with, our collaboration starts. Payment is done upfront and can be done by bank/wire transfer.

If your recipe contains an ingredient which will not pass the safety assessment evaluation (eg % used is too high) I will inform you during the evaluation with recommendations on how to modify it.